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How-To Guide to Refrigerator Removal

How to guide to refrigerator removal

It's pretty amazing to see how far refrigerators have come over time. Your best modern version can help remind you what you need when you go grocery shopping or, more likely, place your order for grocery delivery.

Yet, before you move the new model in, it's time to get rid of the one you already have. There's more to it than just placing it outside for curbside pickup from your trash company.

Especially since your trash pickup doesn't take care of large appliances, and you're not even allowed to trash a refrigerator as is without taking precautionary steps first. You'll need to schedule service for New Jersey junk removal, and we're here to help you make sense of it all.

What You Need to Know About Large Appliance Removal

The good news is that you don't have to take care of back-breaking work like moving your old refrigerator outside for disposal. You'll need a professional appliance removal company to do the job, and here are a few things that you should be aware of:

  • Whenever possible, it's better to donate items so they can be repurposed. It's tragic when items end up in the landfill that could be recycled or reused. It's the greener choice to make to have your appliances repurposed if they're still functional.
  • If it isn't working, you may still be able to recycle it. Appliances consisting of metals like steel and iron can be a valuable source of recyclable materials.
  • If it's going to the landfill, it has to be dismantled. Even though refrigerators made in recent decades are constructed so the door can be opened from the inside, it's still too big a risk. To prevent any possibility of a child or animal becoming trapped inside a unit that's been hauled away to the landfill, the doors must first be removed.
  • If nothing else, you need professional haul-away service because they're heavy. There's no need for you to risk personal injury trying to move a cumbersome appliance when you can hire professionals to do the work for you.

Call the SIR JUNK Team

When you're ready to call in the leading local experts for appliance removal, contact SIR JUNK. When it comes to lifting, loading, recycling, repurposing, and removing your junk, no one offers better service.

We take care of appliances and other junk removal, making us the company to call for all of your cleanout service needs. Call us now for your free estimate.

The sooner you schedule us for your New Jersey junk removal, the better off you'll be.

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