6 Important Steps to Take for Garage Cleanout Preparation

So, you’ve made the smart decision to hire a professional New Jersey junk removal company to take care of your garage. The start of a new year is the ideal time to get motivated and get a fresh start.

Or, maybe you’re planning ahead for a major spring cleaning that’s going to include the whole house, even your garage. Whatever the reason may be, there are only good reasons for getting inspired to clean up.

However, it makes better sense to leave the hard work to the professionals who know how to handle the job. But even if you already scheduled a garage cleanout service, there are still some steps that you can take to prepare and make everything run efficiently and effectively.

Get Ready for a Professional Garage Cleanout

The first step in successful garage cleanout service is getting past the initial shock. It’s hard to get motivated to tackle what seems like such an overwhelming task.

However, when you know you’ll have professionals to do the brunt of the hard work that should minimize the anticipation you feel.

  • Plan according to how much time you have left. If you’ve scheduled services a month out, you have a little more wiggle room than if you scheduled it for a week from now.
  • The sooner, the better, though. Don’t plan your cleanout for so far away you procrastinate. Schedule it sooner and force yourself to face the mess.
  • The main focus is on sorting the items you plan to keep. But plan to keep only the things you need; it’s time to let the rest go.
  • If you hire pros like SIR JUNK, they’ll be able to assist with sorting for recycling and repurposing. You just put aside the items you can’t live without.
  • Don’t make the mistake of straining yourself in the process. If you have heavy or bulky items you can’t move, mark them with masking tape and a marker to designate whether they’re keepers or not.
  • Whenever possible, make a path that’s easy for your debris removal team to move around, or at least access the beginning of the junk. It will make the job run smoother and be done quicker.


It would be best if you got a team that cares about customers and the environment. That means hiring SIR JUNK and calling today to set up New Jersey junk removal.

We provide white-glove service for all of our clients. We look forward to working with you and ensuring that you get the level of quality service that you deserve.

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